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samedi 11 janvier 2014

Get rid of pop-ups

If you see a special pop-up from site on your computer this most probably means that your browser is infected with some kind of adware program. Alternatively, there are chances that you've clicked some malicious link that redirected you to this particular domain, however, quite often this pop-up comes up in the PCs with infected browsers. It is related to some other fake information, such as a chance to win an iPad. You will see these messages - 'gagner le nouvel iPad' or 'gagner nouveau iPad'. Definitely, this information is fake, so if you would like to have an iPad it is much better to buy one then to participate in these surveys.

The site is related to a special survey which gives a lot of fake promises for users to win an Ipad. It is pecular that this pop-up is most possible to appear in France and some other French-speaking countries. As we've said, the main purpose of this pop-up is to make users participate in a so-called survey, which is a very primitive one. Generally users are told to answer some simple and even stupid questions which are known to everyone. The main goal of this so-called survey is to lead user to a page where he or she will have to provide some personal information, such as email address, mobile telephone number, etc. This information may then be used by hackers for various illegal purposes, such as sending massive spam.

It is quite clear that clicking this pop-up from site is dangerous. Likewise, participation in this survey is also dangerous, since you may end up in getting a lot of massive spam onto your PC or cell phone number. So, if you want an iPad - go ahead and buy it, without participating in this fraudulent survey from site Please additionally scan your PC with our recommended security software GridinSoft Trojan Killer for complex malware and adware removal from your computer.

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