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dimanche 4 septembre 2011

OpenCloud Security malware. How to successfully remove OpenCloud virus

The intentions of those guys who developed OpenCloud Security programs were not decent at all. What they have in mind is to earn as much money as they can by means of unfair methods of convincing the users to purchase their rogue program. First the malware detects various kinds of fake threats and infections and then tells that it will remove all the problems if only you pay for it. Well, to tell you the whole truth, some users, regretfully, have already paid for it, thus having become the supporters of rogue developers (without even realizing this). So, if you are now facing the program called OpenCloud Security in front of your screen we urge you quite seriously – you are actually dealing with the virus application which must not be trusted by you. Do not ever buy it and do not disclose any of your private information to it.

The peculiarity of OpenCloud Security program is that it would be started up automatically with every Windows startup. Obviously, this is all done without your consent or approval. Then this rogue would immediately commence its malicious works on the contaminated computer. It would arrange the bogus system scan with presenting plenty of similar fake reports concerning plenty of viruses and threats supposedly identified by it during such fake scan. You should realize that all such reports have nothing to do with the real truth. The reality is that all the items allegedly identified by OpenCloud Security scam are either legitimate files or they don’t exist at all. The worst thing is the fact that the scam program we are talking about would they try to convince the user that it is the only good anti-malware tool which can help him/her. Without any piece of hesitation, all of us are really concerned for the security and safety of our computers. So, when some program tells us that we have a problem with our PC we are immediately in a worry regarding its actual condition. However, we should not trust OpenCloud Security when it tells us that there is a problem with our system. What we need to understand once and for all that real anti-viruses don’t behave like that. In fact, you would not even find such a program as OpenCloud Security in your Add/Remove Programs list. Hence, there is something really unusual with it if it does not let the user freely make the decision whether to keep it or to quit with it. We strongly encourage you to immediately take the respective actions on successful deletion of OpenCloud Security virus program from your system before it does other unpleasant deeds inside of it. The removal guide for this malware program can be found below.

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